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Web Design

Web Design requires knowing HTML and CSS. Interactivity and animation can be added to your website using jQuery. To get Microsoft Certified you need to take Exam 70-480. Learn more about the Microsoft Certification on their website or 'google' the keyterm 'Exam 70-480'. Once you complete this exam you can select to get certified for Web Applications or Windows Store Apps using HTML5. Both of these certifications will earn you the MCSD certification. (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer).

If you want to create a web site without formal training or certification you can select to use a web template where the majority of the basic HTML code requirements are already included in the web template. A web template is a generically designed web page with a pre-defined page layout that sets the placement of the elements on the page. The color schemes are already coded to keep your font "styles" consistant on every page. The logo, menus, headers and footers remain the same on all pages but the editable regions is where you place your web content.

Web templates are meant to assist you in deciding on a page layout or adopting a color scheme. But most importantly they are designed to provide you with a page layout already coded so that all you need to do is add your own content. Customizing the web template is optional but usually recommended to some degree so that your web site doesn't look simliar to other sites using the same template.

If you will be using a Website Buider Program, commonly referred to as a WYSIWYG editor, to build your site, then this program will already have pre-defined web templates included.

There are many FREE Web Templates available on the internet today but some of them are very out-dated. If you are setting up a new web site be sure to select a web template that uses the most up to date W3C compliant code and is supported on several browsers. Look for Web Templates that will give you the desired results in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. (You will want to test the appearance of your site in several different browsers to ensure your site appears the way you intend for it to.)

You can also find more sophisticated and higher quality looking Web Templates available for purchase. Although these templates can get you started with a sleek design, keep in mind you will still need to edit the template to customize it to your needs. If you want to purchase several templates either for multiple projects or just for variety, you can save money by purchasing a membership from these companies that then allow you to download the templates anytime during the length of your membership.




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