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Sound Files

Embed Sound File on your Web Page

One element of multimedia you can add to your web site is music (or sound files). You can add sound clips or music to your web page several different ways depending on your desired effect.

When you "embed" a sound file into a web page - it plays as backgound Music that plays immediately as soon as the page is downloaded. It is highly recommended that you do not do this. Since some of your users may browse the web late at nite, coming across a site with background music suddenly playing can often cause one to quickly hit the mute sound or even worse, close the browser and avoid visiting your website again!

Provide Downloadable Audio Files

If you have an audio file that you recorded that you want to provide to your users - upload it to your webserver. Then on your web page, create a hyperlink to the location of that file on your server. In some cases the audio will play in the browser if the user clicks the links. If it does not, they will need to download the file to their computer and then listen to it. To download the file just have them right click the link and select "save target as" and the file will download to their computer.

Listen to my audio file to test the sound on your computer. This is a midi file which will probably open in QuickTime.

Music Loops and Sound Effects